As you 'enter the gate', or in reality  'login'  into the festival platform, you will notice we have created an entire ecosystem of options for you to be able to connect with others and enrich the festival experience. We are seeking to create a platform that enables real connection even with current limitations of screens.

What are Spaces?

Spaces are places where festival activities and workshops take place. They are designed to create an even MORE amazing online festival experience.

Each space is unique and is accessible by festival members throughout their day.

Girafffe Cafe_black.png

The Community Hall

A space for our ENTIRE Global community to gather in our daily session of Mourning and Celebration. This space will be used mostly in a time that fits 99% of all time zones.


Giraffe Cafe

Did you go through a deep session and feel you need someone to be present with you? Do you feel complete and present and want to be there for someone else? Enter the “Giraffe cafe”! 


Workshop Spaces

Looking for your session? Enter the workshop space and choose one of the live sessions that are taking place right now. 

The Library

Missed a session that you really wanted to attend? Enter our festival library and watch the sessions you missed at any time that fits for you. In addition there will be more learning material and great videos.


The Art Gallery

A space to create and share your NVC expression in a Visual form or Poetry. 


Appreciations Wall

Here we welcome you to share, be seen, and be heard through our appreciation wall.  Whatever you feel gratitude for is the graffiti of this wall. As many walls built in our world are bringing feelings of separation, isolation, and segregation, we dream to have this virtual wall bring us together in sharing what we are thankful for. 


Community Board

This Community Board is for festival participants to share information about their practice groups, event and workshops, activities, publications, NVC goods, etc. You are welcome to introduce your local NVC group, announce up-coming NVC events, advertise NVC related products you created, share book recommendation, and so on. This board can also be used as Request and Offer board. We encourage you to shed a light also on the needs that are there, in the core of your requests and offers.




and more...


Festival Schedule

We are working on the festival schedule...coming soon

Would you like to be notified when it is ready?

We will keep you updated!